Think twice bro, You may need it.

It's not about being fancy or trendy. We've already produced loads of things on Earth. We can use them in many ways, even if they were invented to be something else. Y'all heard about sampling? If we can make more music out of someone's else music, we can look around and do the same in our daily basis.

Bought our tee?

If answer is no, click here. If yes, we have delivered it to you in a bag with a window. Oh no! Plastic! Yea plastic... But remember, it won't hurt us if we gonna think twice before throwing it out.


Scraps, scraps...

In every production process there are some side effects. In our case, we end up with tons of neoprene leftovers. That's why in our assortment you can find DOGGBED'S. They are filled with that, so your doggo can rest on something soft and comfy.

... and more scraps.

Same with our handmade Cardholders. We make them when we have big enough, special scraps left. We got two types of neoprene. Colorful normal one, and hard as stone black neoprene with Rip-Stop system. You can check the difference here. 


To make it easier to you, we designed a bag for our hoodie Gulfstream™, to match 15-inch notebook. So it's like you order one thing and get second for free. If you think twice, you earn twice. All we want from you is to talk more with your friends about our planet. Peace.

Spread the wisdom.