Slice, glue,  cut, help. 

The roots of our activity are in the service. We believe that good work cannot be seen, so you will forget what you came to us with.

 We specialise in repair: 

  • wetsuits

  • drysuits

  • oilskins


However, we still do unusual repairs on a daily basis. Speak up, we will try to come up with something.

From now, 'til infinity.

We are sure of our knowledge and diligence, so we provide a lifetime warranty for all repairs and modifications on our service.

 Contact us. 

If you have questions, please describe your problem in the contact form. You can also send us a package at once. Remember that your data has to match the message you send to avoid complications.

Our address:

Unda Service

ul. Tadeusza Wendy 7/9

81-341 Gdynia

Kuba Szczęsny

+48 735 202 162

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