Color Series

Nice because

it's  simple. 

It's simple because

it has to  work. 

While designing our products, we seem to always keep in the back of our minds that form comes as a result of the function. Having said that Neohoodie is primarily practical because it protects you against low tempetatures and unpleasant weather conditions. What's even cooler, it meets with a clean design that undoubtly draws attention.

It will protect you from  water, 

but from looks 

 no longer. 

Neocoatie™ is based on the design of our Neohoodie™ sweatshirt, however the cut has been lengthened and properly stamped. The coat still protects you against wind and splashes, but it also fits better, which makes it multi-purpose and can interestingly enrich your wardrobe.

From  locales. 

Sure  thing. 

Like every of our neoprene products, Neohoodie™ is created from the beginning to the end in our sewing factory in Gdynia and is made by hand with the greatest attention to detail. Each component has been thoroughly tested and we are sure that it will not let you down during stormy maneuvers.

Minimalism and  details. 

The minimalism doesn't mean the lack of details! Just the opposite — we are focused on them. The entire Neohoodie™ completes the fleece hood finish with the YKK ™ double zip system, so you know that despite throwing the jacket in the sand, you'll be able to quickly fasten at the neck.

Technical Specification

  • UNISEX cut

  • 100% handmade in Gdynia, Northern Poland

  • high quality 2.5 mm neoprene

  • perfectly protects against rain and splashes

  • fleece hood finish

  • plastic zip with two YKK™ sliders

  • loose cut allowing for use on wetsuits

  • 100% protects against the wind

  • the possibility of inserting a special hole for the harness

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