Classic bag made of neoprene, designed to store your most important artifacts. The fact that it’s waterproof certainly will save you a lot of stress.

 As you wish. 

The Neocargo™ backpack can be worn both on the back and flip over the shoulder in the form of a pannier. The beauty of this product lies in it's simplicity, see how much you can fit into it!



Very capacious handbag, or a small bag – the choice is yours. It will easily fit a set of clothes for a weekend trip outside the city, or two towels and a few beers for you and your friends.


Neobag™ is another confirmation of the thesis that the simpler the better. Large capacity, Lycra surface resistant to dirt and a simple division: important things to a small pocket and the rest loose.



NERKA™ is our new fanny pack made of 2.5mm thick neoprene. Because of that it is rain-proof and elastic. We got two sizes. Smaller fits one beer + some stuff and in the bigger one you can hide two beers and some more. 


Using the two-way zipper you get to the main pocket where you can find a special strip which is equipped with a carabiner for your keys. Easy access to the second zipped pocket inside will help you protect your most important stuff.

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